Termite Warranty/Termite Damage Warranty

Do not let termites destroy your home. Healthy Home Services can protect you from the expensive cost of a termite treatment.

Termite Warranty

While under our termite warranty, if you have an infestation of termites, Healthy Home Services will treat the infestation for FREE!

Termite Damage Warranty

While under our termite damage warranty, if termites infest your home and cause damage, Healthy Home Services will treat your infestation and repair all structural damage caused by any active termites for FREE!

Qualifications for Termite Damage Warranty

Homes under 12 months old may qualify for a termite damage warranty. Homes over 12 months old must be treated prior to a termite damage warranty contract.

*Some restrictions may apply (804) 739-6452 e-mail us at: INFO@HEALTHYHOMEVA.COM

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Healthy Home evaluation can prevent costly future repairs by identifying a small problem prior to it becoming a large costly repair. Our evaluations give our clients piece of mind knowing their home is in the best shape it can be.

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