Termite Treatments

Post-Construction Termite Treamtent

Termites, unlike other pests, need to be completely eliminated from the area. For this reason, an extensive treatment needs to be done. The inside, outside, and top of the foundation needs to be treated to ensure all termites are eliminated. If your house has a crawl space, the treatment involves rodding and pumping chemical around the exterior of the home and the perimeter of the crawlspace. The block foundation also needs to be drilled and pumped with chemical. If your house has a basement, all wall cavities must be filled with chemical foam. The foam treatment usually requires small holes to be punched in the wall to access the cavities.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatments

The objective of a Termite pre-treatment is to establish a chemical barrier on all 3 sides of the foundation of the structure to stop termites from reaching the wood in the structure. The best time to do this is during the construction phase. A pre-treat consist of treating the wood, or treating the soil. When doing the wood treatment, a chemical is sprayed directly on the framing and/or foundation. When treating the soil, chemical is pumped into the ground around the structure and under any slabs on grade.

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