Home Evaluation & Maintenance

As a Home Evaluation subscriber:

  • You benefit from acomplete annual evaluation of your home looking for any damage causing conditions you need to be aware of.
  • You benefit from early detection of needed repairs which will eliminate expensive repairs in the near future
  • You benefit from our vendor referrals
  • You benefit from increased buying power
  • You benefit from our advice concerning any “Do It Yourself” projects
  • You benefit from our record keeping of your vendors paperwork
  • You benefit from our record keeping of all your home maintenance records
  • You benefit from the establishment of a complete Home Maintenance Program which;
    1. Can provide a complete yearly schedule of your maintenance services and its budget
    2. Can provide future years maintenance projections and budgets
    3. Can provide the scheduling of all your maintenance work
    4. Can provide relief of the burdens of maintaining your home
    5. Can provide the elderly an option to an Assisted Living Facility
    6. Can provide living assistance, to those wanting to age at home, when combined with their particular health care needs

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Healthy Home evaluation can prevent costly future repairs by identifying a small problem prior to it becoming a large costly repair. Our evaluations give our clients piece of mind knowing their home is in the best shape it can be.

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