Aging In Place

Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist on Staff

Recognized by the National Home Builders Assoc. & the AARP

Things to consider for Aging-In-Place:

  • Upgrading or altering your home to make it elderly friendly (small to large projects) ie; Grab bars to 1st Floor Master Suites
  • Strategies for maintaining your home and grounds as you age
  • Identify your present & future needs
  • Schedule to meet or eliminate those needs and make it recurring
  • Budget to meet those needs
  • Home Security and safety options (sound and light alarms to surveillance to motion activated sensors)
  • Financial options available to make your living at home plans viable .  Let your home pay for its own upkeep.  Reverse Mortgages – Home Equity – Lifetime Rights Sale – etc.  The cost of maintaining your home is less than the cost of disrepair which shows up in its value upon sale.  Much of your maintenance costs are recouped in maintaining the homes’ value.  It costs less to take care of than it does to fix.

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Healthy Home evaluation can prevent costly future repairs by identifying a small problem prior to it becoming a large costly repair. Our evaluations give our clients piece of mind knowing their home is in the best shape it can be.

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